That darn golden schlond poofa!
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So now that there’s a trailer for the upcoming episode released, I guess we’re allowed to discuss stuff that you can see in the promo!

As you can probably guess by the title, the special is an Amazing Race parody episode featuring Barbie and all her friends (and family!) grouping themselves into 5 teams to race around the country and visit iconic landmarks that have, of course, been Barbie-fied, to compete in challenges. The Amaze Chase is hosted by none other than fan fav Randy Bravo, making his first full-episode appearance since The Reunion Show way back in season 2!


As well as the main storyline there’s also plenty of behind-the-scenes drama between the teams that help carry the full-length episode which wouldn’t be able to fit in one of the 3 minute shorts (or even the 11 minute specials from last year)


And as you could probably guess from the trailer, Raquelle is just as snarky and devious as ever, Teresa gets her fair share of laughs and there’s more than enough of some of your favourite crack pairings to make your little heart weep with happiness.

This is honestly one of the funniest (if not the funniest) episodes of the show so far and the full 22 minute length works surprisingly well considering how fast-paced the web series usually is.

I’ll have a full review and summary of the episode posted after it airs in the US, so remember to watch it at 12pm on Nickelodeon on Sunday the 5th of October! It will also be available for international instant streaming on Netflix from November 1st (no word yet on whether it will be included as the season 6 finale or the season 7 premiere of the web series like last year’s specials were)

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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | Toppled Statue

Welcome to Egopolis, seat of power of The Empire! No doubt you’re in awe of the mighty statue of The Emperor dominating the town square. This statue was built as a sign of his highness’s power and control over the lands and the people of his Empire, which is why when The Hero and his friends invade the town and destroy it, you’ll be treated to a dramatic shot of it collapsing.

Nothing quite puts an exclamation point on the downfall of a ruler or a kingdom like the destruction of an effigy of them. Their power and control over the people is broken and to drive it home a statue of them is shown being destroyed in a spectacular, dramatic fashion.

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Barbie, her friends and family are getting ready to compete in the reality competition, The Amaze Chase!
Five teams will be racing around to famous Barbie locations for the top prize!

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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | Trrrilling Rrrs

Forrr added emphasis in yourrr worrrds, speak with rrrolling R’s to show yourrr contrrrol overrr yourrr dominion.

Usually the Hammy Evil Overlorrrd will constantly rrroll his tongue. Forrreign People will also speak like this. In some cases justified, as in severrral languages/dialects the R is always prrronounced like this, otherrr than in English. Also frrrequently employed when the speakerrr is rrrelated to felines in some way, imitating a cat’s purrring.

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Anonymous inquired:

what's a schlond poofa?

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So there was a very big surprise waiting for me when I woke up this morning!

In addition to the advanced copy of the upcoming special The Amaze Chase, the team at Mattel were also extremely kind enough to send a Talkin’ Barbie as well!

As for the special itself… I can’t reveal anything right now until after it airs in the US, but it is easily one of the funniest, most enjoyable episodes of the show I’ve ever watched and the full 22 minute length means there are more jokes crammed in than ever before.

I’ve watched it twice so far today already (and I’ll probably watch it again after dinner… it’s just that good), but the rest of you can watch it when it debuts on television on Nickelodeon at 12pm on October 5th, or instant streaming on Netflix on November 1st if you live outside the USA.

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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | Mad Libs Catchphrase
A catch phrase that’s slightly different every time - the same phrase structure, but with one or two words different each time it’s used, either completely at random or somehow related to the current situation. Perhaps the most famous is Robin’s “Holy ____, Batman!”
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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | Clothes Make the Maniac
The hero character gets some sort of apparel or accessory that seems to be great and useful, but it’s really unstable, sentient, or evil.
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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | The Bad Guy Wins
We’re all used to heroes winning out over the bad guys. The bad guys get theirs, justice is done, and the heroes walk away happy. Sometimes things are a little more bittersweet, but we at least expect the villain to lose in the end.
Not so with this ultimate of downer endings. The Bad Guy Wins is exactly what it says on the tin: complete and ultimate triumph for the villain.
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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | Companion Cube
Take an otherwise uninteresting object, and have the other characters (or at least one character) interact with it as if it is a real character, and you have a Companion Cube. Sometimes, the object blurs the line between real and imaginary by apparently doing things which would be hard for an inanimate object to do, but the defining characteristic is that we the audience never, ever see it move of its own volition on camera, even if it clearly must’ve done something.
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Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes | Ageless Birthday Episode
A staple in most classic sitcoms and animated television programs is the “ageless birthday episode”. This is an episode that centers on a specific character’s birthday but never mentions the character’s new age. If this character’s actual age is part of the show’s status quo, then you can expect his/her age to remain the same even after the “birthday episode”.
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A new (old, classic) display picture, an updated theme, more LitD vs TV Tropes gifsets on the way as well as a Great Dreamhouse Rewatch in the works! TheKyan is back in business ladies and gents!

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